About us

About us:

Here you can shop Icelandic design at its best, at home in the living room. A simple and convenient sales site that invites buyers to shop directly from a designer / artist.

Minhonnun.is was founded with the aim of making it easier for designers / artists to present their products and at the same time make the process easier for buyers to shop for design / art that is produced in Iceland, at home in the living room.
We accept all suggestions at minhonnun@minhonnun.is





https://www.vb.is/frettir/stafraenn-honnunar-og-listamarkadur/166527/?fbclid=IwAR25pWpl8_WqRPmOpF2wEyKDaNFC-WuH5ViRiUn_b64sTmcSjz3 <


If you are interested in registering your products with us, please contact us below: