Shipping policy

Delivery methods

The seller shall be responsible for the delivery of his product and it is done without the help of My Design.

If delivery is delayed, the seller will notify the buyer along with information on when the order will be ready for delivery. The normal delivery time of a product is 1-7 working days from the time the order is confirmed and it varies by product.

If the product is not in stock, a service representative will contact
and announce the estimated delivery time of the product. Of all orders distributed by Íslandspóstur, Íslandspóstur's delivery, warranty and transport terms apply to the delivery of the product. Accordingly, my design
is not responsible for lost shipments or damage that may occur to goods in transit. If a product
is lost in the mail or suffers damage from the time it is sent from My Design to the person in question, the damage is the buyer's responsibility.

Delivery methods are determined by the sellers, but it is stated under each seller's product which transport methods he is waiting for. Please read the seller's delivery method before completing the purchase.